Shoring system SPS

The right choice for the toughest jobs

Scafom-rux Power System is a heavy duty modular shoring system, suitable for every application, particularly those that involve high loads. SPS features optimum rigidity. It is robust but simple in design and assembly.


Durable hot-dip galvanised elements provide a long, reliable and functional service life. Few loose components with unique shape, interchangeable components.


Basic components scafom-rux Power System

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Product features Scafom-rux Power System (SPS)

  • Modular system
  • Strong, durable base and head spindles with stiff baseplates for load transfer
  • Smart assembly technique, fast assembly and dismantling
  • Can be used as single towers and inbird cage construction
  • Stable in value
  • High safety standards
  • Indestructible components

Easy assembly on the ground and by crane

Safe working loads of 60,000 lbs per standard can be achieved, making SPS the right choice for even the toughest shoring application.


The only product of its kind, the SPS system allows for a fast and versatile method of constructing shoring and various structure supports. Its unique design allows legs to be braced from the ground to support elevation, ensuring a maximum load at any height, and allowing up to 60,000 lbs. per leg. Our competitors’ 100k per leg capacity products require the use of a crane to assemble, set, remove, and demo. In contrast, our SPS can be assembled and removed by hand. This allows cost-savings and better safety control.



Heavy duty supporting system

Load bearing capacity

60,000 lbs per leg

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