Modular scaffolds

Modular scaffolding systems by Scafom-rux

With our modular scaffolding systems you can create highly customized scaffold designs based on your individual plans, using vertical standards as well as horizontal and diagonal ledgers. Scafom-rux modular scaffolding systems are extremely strong and durable, and hence allow for higher load-bearing capacities. Thanks to the flexible and versatile usage, you can use our modular scaffold systems for the most complex scaffolding jobs, e.g. in the industrial sector, or for customised solutions like working platforms, passageways, support structures, shoring – e.g. in shipbuilding.


Extraordinary versatile, exceptionally stable, audited and certified by several experts and institutions. Scafom-rux modular scaffolding system RINGSCAFF is one of the most recognised scaffolding systems worldwide.

RINGSCAFF stair towers

Safe, convenient, easy to handle, and efficient - stairs and stair towers based on our modular RINGSCAFF system are the best solution for site stairways as well as emergency stairways.



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