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Sharing our knowledge and experience in scaffolding

The best raw materials, our entire manufacturing process under our own control, as well as the highest quality of our scaffolding and formwork solutions are essential for the safety of scaffold builders. But we at Scafom-rux understand that the right planning, the right handling, and the ability to know what to do in case of an emergency, are equally important.

For that reason, Scafom-rux is offering regular trainings as well as individual trainings for scaffold builders, engineeres, and clients:

Training for scaffolders

  • Scafom-rux provides training on the handling of our Ringscaff modular scaffold system, explaining the technical manual and the most common situations in the erection and dismantling of the scaffolds. This training lasts typically 4 hours.

Training for engineers

  • For customers who have their own engineering abilities, or who are working with an external engineering office, Scafom-rux is offering special trainings for engineers on the correct planning and configuration of our scaffolding solutions. Those trainings are typically provided in our offices together with Scafom-rux’ technical engineers and are taking between 2 and 4 days.

Training for our clients

  • Scafom-rux is also offering individual trainings for customers. In those trainings we can adapt to the specific challenges and situations our customers are facing when using the Scafom-rux scaffolding systems. Typically, we are following the “train-a-trainer” principle and share our expertise with a supervisor who can then continue the trainings with the customer’s team.

Rescue trainings

  • Nothing works in scaffolding without safety precautions. Knowing what to do in case of an emergency is key to safe lives. Thanks to our rescue trainings you can avoid accidents, practice what to do in case something does happen and prepare your team for an emergency in the best possible way.

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