Service offerings

Scaffold and swingstage rental

Being the manufacturer and rental provider at the same time, Scafom-rux can offer you the most attractive conditions and highest flexibility in renting scaffolding and swingstage equipment.

Swing stage services

In addition to sales and rental , Scafom-rux also offers you labour, mechanical and design services for swing stages.

Technical support

We share our expertise with you!
The engineering team at Scafom-rux is happy to provide several services and technical support, such as creating designs, project planning, or statical calculations.

Trainings and seminars

At Scafom-rux, you will always get the support you need.
Scafom-rux offers regular trainings as well as individual trainings for scaffold builders, engineers, and clients.

Safety in scaffolding

Safety is more than a great product. Trainings, regular audits, and innovations are some of the other key aspects how Scafom-rux ensures maximum safety in the usage of our scaffold and formwork solutions.