Challenging scaffold assembly at a 120-year-old abbey

Logistical challenge solved with Scafom-rux SCALOK

High ceilings, elaborate architecture and a centuries-long tradition make historical buildings fascinating places to be – but they can be a challenge when construction or restauration work needs to be done. The Onze lieve vrouwenhuis in Oosterhout is no exception. In 2021, the over 100-year-old nunnery is due for a real makeover: A new entrance to the church, an annexe and more energy-efficient equipment are planned to make the building more fitting to the needs of the parish. To make this happen, 80 tons of SCALOK scaffolding material are needed. But where to store three truckloads of material when storing capacity is a scarce good? The new gothic abbey building itself is not only relatively small, which makes storing difficult, but also requires the most careful unloading and handling of scaffolding material.

The scaffolders of Project & Scaffolding BV have taken up this challenge and brought Scafom-rux on board. Multiple deliveries of scaffold material that were well matched to the workers assembly speed made it possible to assemble the scaffold at the project site just in time.

Find out more about how this storage challenge was solved efficiently by downloading our new project report. For more information about Scafom-rux’ new versatile SCALOK scaffolding system click here.

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